Welcome To Shattinger Music Company

Shattinger Music has closed.

We extend our sincere thanks and deepest gratitude to our loyal customers for their wonderful support through the years that made Shattinger Music a vibrant and cutting edge resource throughout it’s history. This would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of our employees, past and present. Employees at time of closing:

  • Nancy Helmich
  • Richard Boyd
  • Christina Shields
  • Camilla Zimmerman
  • Paul Harrison
  • Jim Kerfoot
  • Butch Mestemacher
  • Jeffrey Girard
  • David Freuler
  • Becky Comstock
  • Louise Gaynor
  • Janet Mitchell
  • David Thompson
  • Darlene Lanser
  • Sarah Butchko
  • Linda Bagsby
  • Jim Cochran

  • Important Dates: